Fiske- og skaldyrsrestaurant i København

Enjoy the best the
sea can offer!


At LOUISES FISKEBAR, you get the best delicacy’s from the sea straight to your plate. With Kattegat, Skagerrak and the Baltic Sea as our neighbors, the catch is always fresh and flavors ultimately crave-worthy!

Welcome, and enjoy!


Our menus

Some of our favourites


Moules Frites

served with fennel and herbs in creme and aoili From 225,-

Shellfish Plateau

Our two-tier shellfish plateau with lobster, crab, clams, oysters and shrimps is served with cumin toast, 3 sauces and grilled lemon. Price of the day


Roe from the sea

Choose between many different types - catfish roe, caviar, kalix löjrom etc. From 250,-

Our menus

Fish & Chips

served with vinaigrette and dip 125,-


“Stjerneskud” (Shooting Star)

A famous Danish dish with fried and steamed fillet of plaice and shrimps, red dressing, pickled black salsify and roe.

From 189,-  

Open-faced Sandwiches

Try our selection of Danish sandwiches with different fish, meat or vegetarian selections. From 98,-


Christmas Menu 2019

Our Christmas menu is served as 4 servings at your table. So just sit back and enjoy, while your food is being served.
Min. 2 people

First serving

“Two kinds of marinated herring”
Louise’s curry-marinated herring
House-made Christmas herring marinated in cognac & Christmas spices
served with crème fraîche, chopped red onion, chives and capers

Second serving

“Classic seafood dishes with a twist”
Louise’s gravlax with toasted cumin bread
Meunière-fried fillet of plaice with house-made remoulade
served with pickled sliced cucumber & lemon

Third serving

Classic roast duck and roast pork with crackling
served with both sugar-browned and boiled potatoes, pickled red cabbage and pickled cucumber

Fourth serving

Classic Danish Riz à l´Allemande
with crispy almonds and warm cherry sauce

DKK 435,- per person



Vester Voldsgade 25, 1552 København


Monday - Friday 06:30 - 10:30
Saturday - Sunday 07:00 - 11:00

Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 15:30

Monday - Saturday 17:30

The kitchen closes:
Monday - Thursday at 21:30.
Friday - Saturday at 22:00.


+45 33 76 59 41

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Try our Shellfish Plateau for two!

Try our Shellfish Plateau for two!